The bestMulti Network Sim.

A new level of Connectivity

Every Smart SIM™ card is built from the ground up to ramp up your M2M and IoT projects with a fast, secure and reliable connectivity.

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Seamless Global Coverage

Our SIM card carefully and smartly selects the network with the best and more consistent signal in it’s location. This guarantees that you’ll have a consistent global coverage at all times.

Adaptability and Scalability

For the single card for testing to thousands for manufacturing. You can manage and grow with as many Smart SIM™ cards as you need.

No hassle. Just connectivity

Every SIM card needs a carrier. So we set on the task to find the best carriers that were up to the challenge of doing something bold and innovative. That’s why we partnered with the best and we’re able to provide the most consistent and stable connectivity worldwide.

Complete Control

We’ve built a beautiful platform that gives you complete access and control of your IoT management. You’re able to manage your entire SIM estate, and monitor real-time connectivity status. Furthermore, we have a wide array of relevant visual analytics, device-level reporting and more.

The freedom of celluar

Connect effortlessly, and make all kind of new things possible

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A new level of privacy and security

Every Smart SIM™ is built with all the benefits of Industrial SIMs Secured physically to the device, with an Optimized SIM footprint.

All the security of the Smart SIM™ is built right in

We firmly believe in your right to privacy. Some functions handled by our Smart SIM™.

Device authentication and Authorization

Real -time device authentication, service authorization and ongoing monitoring.

Connectivity Management

M2M services require high-end "service levels" with capabilities for SIM self-diagnosis and troubleshooting. Query of different network elements is required to expose the real status of a device.

SIM-Level Usage Monitoring

Real-time usage information collected for monitoring SIM behavior patterns for minimizing improper usage of devices, implemented using standard protocols (E.g. Diameter Gy).

Roaming with Operators

In more than 190 countries worldwide


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