The bestMulti Network Sim.

Simple • Transparent • Private

Flexible pricing models that stand out from the competition

Smart SIM™’s cellular platform gives you a simple, honest and flexible pricing plans that allow you to have total control.

Smart SIM™ has the best in class global network coverage.
Smart SIM™ are always connected to the most robust network available.
Install it in your device and the Smart SIM™ will connect immediately to a fast network.

Smart SIM™ sets a new standard

Our Aytomic-designed Smart SIM™ platform has sent and managed over messages all around the globe.

Grow, Save, Compete.

We want to make it easier for you to scale. Continue growing your business supported by the network of networks

What you consume, when, and where.
All beautifully clear.

Stay in the know.

Analyze current and historical data for each individual Smart SIM™.

Custom Configuration

Each SIM card can be configured to satisfy each custom deployment requirements.

Simple Pricing

Clear pricing, no hidden fees.


Amazing dashboard to manage and automate your IoT network.


All your notifications in one place.


A list of your devices for you to manage.

Start with Smart SIM™.

Regardless of where your devices roam, it will not be alone